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Random Thoughts on a Sabbath Morning

You know how they say what you were affects how you think and act, e.g. you should dress professionally for exams and you’ll perform better than if you show up in sweats. Well, today I discovered the same is true for Sabbaths. I was trying so hard to relax and not “do” anything “productive” but [...]

In Brazil at Last

Here we are updating from Brazil! Were you starting to wonder if this would ever happen? For the last week and a half we have been doing some serious and busy settling in. God has kindly shepherded us through the days and taken care of the details, as he is so good at doing. Jeff [...]

We are home!

We made the trip safe and sound and it could not have gone any better in any way. We walked from peace to peace each step. AND we also got to sleep in an air conditioned room from about 2am-6:30am! Thanks to the missionaries in Manaus. A more thourough report will follow soon… now i [...]


Today we bought tickets to fly to Santarem Brazil on June 18, 2010! Praise God for His faithfulness! Goodness! Greatness! and Amazing-ness! This day has been so long in coming (four years) I’m speechless. God gives the best Anniversary Presents!


Last night we rejoiced to learn that our visas have been approved and are in the final stage of processing! They were approved on May 7! So they have been at the Atlanta consulate getting processed since then and should be finished tomorrow (Friday). That means by next week we should have our stamped passports [...]

Crossing Into a New Land

I’ve crossed the border. I’ve been living in Peace Land, the place where waiting doesn’t bother because I know without ever having to remind myself that God is in control. Now I’ve crossed over into Remind Myself Land, the place where I find myself freaking out and then remember that God has a plan and [...]

Support & Support

As I write letters seeking financial support, I am often at a loss for words. I know so many of you support us with prayer that it feels weird to ask for you to “join our support team.” Those prayers are every bit as vital as the dollars, probably more so. But somehow we end [...]

Good News & More Reason to Pray

God answered our prayers! Imagine that! A missionary couple brought our documents from Brazil to the USA and mailed them directly to our visa expediter. And I was able to get together the other documents the day after we heard we needed them. I just heard from our visa expediter that everything has made it [...]

A Visa Update

Dear Friends, As you have previously read, our visa applications are in the precarious hands of the Brazilian Consulate. The process involves 4 steps. 1) “Legalization” of certain documents by Brazilian Consulates 2) Initial review of all documents by Atlanta Consulate 3) Real decision is made in Brasilia 4) Visa is issued (or not) by [...]

Application is in the Mail!

Praise the Lord! After many laborious hours of tracking down documents, notaries, county clerks, and secretaries of state and waiting for documents to arrive from Brazil, Our visa applications are officially in the mail! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Through the whole process I felt such a clear focus. In the [...]