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Here We Come!

Tonight at 10:30 EST (12:30am for us) Fritha, Dani & Petra head for the airport! We will be arriving in Tampa at 10:45 pm EST. So please cover our journey in prayer. We are traveling with Jeff’s sister, Jane, who is a phenomenal help with the girls. We want to visit with as many people [...]

Gloria Deus

This morning as I write, Jeff is at the airport welcoming our first team. Before he left I asked him, “How does it feel to be living your dream?” In other words, WE HAVE ARRIVED! God has brought us all the way from the stirring in our hearts, to the enabling, through the suffering of [...]

Our Cup Overflows

God granted us the unexpected gift of a break from language studies for the entire month of December. At first this gift was difficult to accept, since our job right now is learning Portuguese and my depression was already causing me to feel guilty about not doing enough. But God confirmed to my heart that [...]

A Letter To You

Dear Supporters, Prayer Warriors, Family, and Friends I am so sorry I have not been updating you all. We are so grateful for your prayers and you giving. I hope no one feels neglected. We love each one of you dearly and are trying our best to be real and honest during these hard times. [...]

Picture of the week

We are thinking to trying to post a picture a week here on world turners. We hope it will help give you a taste of our life here as well as give us am opportunity to share in picture the beauty we see everyday. Upcoming events,  praises, and prayer topics – Jeff was able to [...]

Muito Obrigado! Many Thanks!

Today I sat down and got caught up on our financials. My bookwork surprised me by being a pure delight. How often can you say that?! Repeatedly your love and support overwhelmed me with joy. I know times are tight and here you all are showering us with your generosity so that we can live [...]

Happy Sunday!

Dear praying friends, Just wanted to let you know that we are doing well. Last Thursday & Friday we made our first overnight trip with the whole family. We visited some missionary friends (Jennifer & Josiah Huber) of ours who live in a more remote area and supervise river village missions. We spent time at [...]

Petra Elizabeth Turners first hours

Our New Car!

Pics of the house