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May 2012

Rejoicing, gratitude, relief, peace, rest, refreshment
What a sweet relief it is to be home! In the end of March, we arrived in Tampa, FL and have been making a home here at a guest-house owned by Quail Hollow Chapel. We are deeply grateful to be in such a peaceful place. We find ourselves with a fenced-in yard for the kids to play in, a mere 45 minutes away from Dani and Petra’s happy grandparents, and surrounded by peaceful Florida woods. We have made it our job to rest and recover. Thank you so much for enabling us to take this time and heal.
I (Fritha) feel a bit like a science-project plant. You know, the one you put in a box to see what happened when the plant didn’t have sunlight. After a while you took it out and found it shriveled to a brittle, brown shadow of its former self. Well, if I am that plant, then now I feel like I’ve just been taken out of the box. I have sunlight and water and I know I have what I need to grow green and strong again. I no longer fear imminent death. It may take a while to recover, but we have what we need to do it. Praise God!
God’s timing is perfect. Shortly after coming home, my Grammie discovered she has a mass in her abdomen. We are in the process of having it diagnosed now. Being an RN equips me just right to help advocate for her during this time. I have repeatedly felt that I AM RIGHT WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE RIGHT NOW. This sensing offers me such a profound sense of peace in a time where we don’t know where we’ll be come July. I’m learning to live moment by moment and enjoy each one in all of its glory.
I’ve taken many walks. Talked to God many hours. Listened to a profound sermon series titled “The New Normal” from Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC via podcast ( Talked to my life-coach. Worked through so much of my “stuff.” Answered questions honestly, been humbled, begged forgiveness, been cleansed, found new vision, discovered God more fully than ever before, rejoiced.
This week we experience a shift in our life. We are heading out on a road-trip that will last about 1 month. From May 14-28, Project AmaZon is sending us to Heartstream Resources ( for a two-week Intensive Care time for missionaries like ourselves who are struggling due to burnout, depression, traumatic experiences on the field, etc. We are blessed with family in NH who offered to care for our girls while we attend this time. Since the Intensive Care time is in PA and Jeff’s Grand Ma Ma is celebrating her 90th birthday in GA, we will be travelling all over the east coast and hope to visit with some of you along the way.
Here’s our itinerary:
May 3: Travel to GA (with a fun family stop along the way, to stretch little legs)
May 4-6: McDonough, Ga
Saturday: Grand Ma Ma’s birthday party
Sunday: Church at Open Door Chapel, then leave for KY
May 7: Visit dear friends (Jeff hasn’t seen in 10 years! And all 3 girls have never met!) in KY
May 8: Travel to PA
May 9-13: Visit friends in PA (girls ride to NH with Jeff’s sister)
May 14-28: Attend Intensive Care time in PA
May 28: Travel to NH (where we see our kids after a LOOOOONG absence)
May 29-31?: Visit friends in NH
?June 1: Travel partway to FL
?June 2: Travel the rest of the way home
Prayer Requests:
Many miles to travel safely and sanely (if that’s remotely possible)
Energy to go! Wisdom to know when we need to stop and rest.
Health. I find it not uncommon to get sick during adventures such as these.
Peace and Security for our girls as they go away for 2 weeks without Muma and Daddy
God’s touch on our Intensive Care time: that we will learn all we can about our journey and sense his leading into His plans for our future

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