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Difficult Year, Faithful Father

We’re THANKFUL for God’s faithful provision for us throughout this year!
We’re BLESSED to have friends such as YOU praying for us, believing with us
and giving through us. We’re in AWE of God’s faithfulness through our difficult year.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise him ALL creatures here below!
Praise him above, ye heavenly host! Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost!

Recently, a friend gave us an article from a Brazilian magazine Veja which compared
the cost of living in Brazil to the United States. Here are some surprising statistics:

Honda Civic 40″ LED TV Cellphones/min Big Mac
USA: $18,000 $700 $0.10 $3.69
Brazil: $42,000 $1250 $0.38 $6.21

Internet iPad2 16GB Electric Rates Chest Freezer
USA: $25 $499 $0.12 $350
Brazil: $75 $1030 $0.28 $900

To our mind this brings great glory to God for his faithful ability to
provide all of our needs. To provide a car. A refrigerator. A washing
machine. Couches. Tables. Chairs. Beds. Hammocks. Food. Internet. Cell
Phones. Air Conditioners. A home. God can even provide in a place where
costs are some of the highest in the world. Isn’t He GOOD!

All thanks to God and to YOU for being used by God to help meet all of
our needs this past year. We are grateful~a bit overwhelmed~and
humbled. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Friends.

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