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July 2011


July – summer time, vacation month, congresso and becoming a family again.

Family Time

This month has been all about us as a family. The work with the guest house was lighter than normal and so we were able to focus on what it is to be a family. When Fritha returned from the states we had to jump right into the ministry. It left very little time for us to reconnect after two months apart. This month we have had many opportunities to spend time together. Fritha and I have been getting up early to start the day together and I have had time to play with the girls. This is also vacation month in Brazil and so we have taken advantage of the neighborhood kids being out of school to build relationships with them. We are fitting in and establishing routines. All good things as we continue adapting to life in Brazil.

Congresso da PAZ

The first weekend in July is always a busy time for the PAZ church in Santarém. Every year the Church hosts an evangelistic crusade in the local soccer stadium. Months in advance the drama and dance teams begin practicing and the set crews begin designing. Hundreds of people form prayer teams and hold vigils in the weeks leading up to the big event. Then for three nights the stadium is packed to overflowing with 10 to 12 thousand people anxious to hear the Gospel.

Looking Ahead

The months ahead are shaping up to be either feast or famine. August promises to be a busy month with two teams back to back. Then we have no confirmed team until December. We are communicating with a few churches about trips and are trusting God to bring things together. This could be a big blessing as it would give us more time to work on the language and fit into the Brazilian way of life. Then next year starts with a bang! Five teams already confirmed and most of those in the first few months.

Unwavering Faith

The world wide economic crisis is all around us. All of us know someone who is suffering. Someone who is out of a job or is having to work harder than ever before to just scrape by. We know some of those people and for reasons God knows have become one of those families. We are in a new era of watchfulness to see that we are doing all we can with the resources God provides.

With the uncertainty in Washington the dollar is falling rapidly all over the world. Here in Brazil not only is the dollar falling but the Brazilian economy is thriving. Prices are rising on everything from electricity and housing to food and clothing. How good to know in times like these that our hope is not in man or the dollar but in God.

In that vein we are calling on God to help us. We are not content to remain where we are but are seeking God for a renewal in our finances. We would like to have more money to use in ministry, to save for furlough and our children’s education, to be able to occasionally turn on an air conditioner and escape the heat of the Amazon. Will you join with us in prayer for these things? Will you also ask God if you are to be part of our financial team? Our current monthly donations are at 68% of our goal. There is no longterm commitment needed just a willingness to seek God and follow Him wherever He leads for as long as He directs.


  • Time spent with family
  • Thousands coming to God at the Congresso
  • 60,000 people in Santarém attending cell groups (home churches)

Prayer Requests:

  • The two teams in August.
  • Strength and ability to help immerse them in the God’s work here.
  • God to provide teams to come between September and November
  • Creative ways to continue language training
  • Improved financial position

Thank you all for your constant love and support.

Jeff Turner

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