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Three Teams in a Row

Life here in the Amazon has changed drastically over the past few months. Gone are the days of consistent schedules based on language lessons and our few responsibilities. Gone too are the days of feeling useless because we are still so new that we can’t really be useful to the work here. We have jumped in with both feet and are experiencing the joy and stretching involved with hosting teams.

We have been blessed to have three teams since the beginning of May. Every one different and every one teaching us new things. I have learned to be more flexible than ever before. I have also learned the importance of a good support group. Once, due to a scheduling mishap, we had two teams in town at once. I’m sure I had a little crazed look in my eye as I ran back and forth from our house (where one team was staying) to the guest house (to check on the other team) and back again several times an hour. During that time I was reminded of a conversation I had with one of the veteran missionaries. He encouraged me to remember in the times of hardship that this is what I had worked for, dreamed of, prayed for, raised support for, studied for, and sacrificed for. In other words “no whining.” I took that to heart and glorify God that even when I was at my lowest energy level I was still excited to be doing His work. I wanted to spend every moment I could with the teams. I have enjoyed the chance to show them the Amazon and talk about what God is doing here. Plus, I receive encouragement from hearing their stories and experiences with God.

We are getting a beak from guest house work this next month and plan to spend more time in language studies and ministry here in the city. It will be nice to spend some time with the family and recover from the busyness of the past two months.

Three great teams in a row
A feeling of being involved with the ministry
Fritha becoming more comfortable here

Prayer requests:
Continued language studies
Financial support to be increased
God’s blessing on the next teams and our preparation for them
That God will be preparing the hearts of the communities we minister to

Thank you everyone for the blessing you are to us,

Jeff Turner

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