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Our Cup Overflows

God granted us the unexpected gift of a break from language studies for the entire month of December. At first this gift was difficult to accept, since our job right now is learning Portuguese and my depression was already causing me to feel guilty about not doing enough. But God confirmed to my heart that this schedule was from him, so we embraced it and rested. Oh what a blessing from our Father!

Just before Christmas I began to feel better every day. Your prayers have been answered above and beyond all we could ask or think. Christmas was delightful. We started the day with a sleepy-eyed toddler staggering out of her room. The realization that the long awaited day had finally arrived broke across her face like a radiant sunrise. We enjoyed yummy food, dear framily (friends who are like family) and fun opening presents. Even losing power for most of the afternoon was not enough to dampen our spirits!

New Years Eve we hosted a small, quiet party at our house. We watched a movie, put the girls to bed and visited. We ate yummy food. Watched another movie and rang in the new year. We enjoyed a sweet time of prayer and sharing, where our hearts were drawn closer to Christ and each other.

I have been feeling better and stronger than I have felt since before Dani was born! That’s right, Dani. I am throwing myself into life with gusto. At the end of the day, I feel tired and ready to sleep. But it is the fatigue of a productive day, no longer the desperation of a respite from life. I am ENJOYING being a mommy again. And I no longer take that for granted. Nor do I the fact that I can do things. I understand more fully that I can do all things through Christ and only through Christ. I learned that “all things” includes getting out of bed.

We are also so grateful for the leadership conference we attended at PAZ’s Shalom campground. Although we could not understand the speakers’ messages, we enjoyed the worship times and fellowship with precious people of faith. We got to practice our conversational Portuguese all week and made some new friends. Petra was a magnet for people wanting to hold her, which was a blessing to our arms! She is weighing in at almost 19 lbs these days. Jeff helped with concessions all week and I think Dani’s favorite part was helping him. The whole time reminded me of a feast at Fairwood. And I felt closer to all of you somehow too.

Thank you all for your powerful prayers, encouraging emails, cheering packages and every precious penny. We rely on you. We are strengthened and enabled by your support. We value each one of you keenly. May God bless you in return as you have blessed us.

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