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A Letter To You

Dear Supporters, Prayer Warriors, Family, and Friends

I am so sorry I have not been updating you all. We are so grateful for your prayers and you giving. I hope no one feels neglected. We love each one of you dearly and are trying our best to be real and honest during these hard times.

The last month has been very hard for our young family. The weather here is very hot and different members of the family have been sick with colds and fevers. Also, Fritha has been diagnosed with postpartum depression This has been affecting her ability to continue adapting to the culture and learn the language. Somedays she has been unable to get out of bed at all. The is has left quite a load of work on my shoulders but God has been helping and we are trusting in Him to bring us through. Fritha has begun taking some medication that we believe is helping and the past few days have been remarkably better.

It is hard sometimes for us to keep our eyes on the bigger picture. The language training has slowed as we move away from the basics and dig deeper into the language. Though this is a good thing it’s easy to become discouraged when I don’t see the same progress i did before.

This month we are celebrating the Birth of Christ in this foreign land. In an effort to adapt to our surroundings we purchased a small palm tree to decorate. We were also able to bring a taste of home by setting us the Nativity set we receiver as newlyweds during our first Christmas. We hope to post some pictures soon of our home decorated for the season.

Looking ahead to next year we are expecting my sister Jane to come and visit for two months near the beginning of the year and then we will be thrown into the work fully as teams begin to arrive to help with the church building projects.

God is giving us grace sufficient for each day. Sometimes all we can see is just to the end of this day. But other times we catch a glimpse of His bigger picture and are so grateful He has called us here. This holiday season away from friends and family will be hard so please pray that we will find Joy in Christ and being with new friends here and not be too discouraged by the things we do not have.

Thank you for your letters and notes. We will try to do a better job of keeping in touch in the future. Please know you are loved and we pray for you often.

Celebrating Christ’s birth,

Jeff (for all of us)

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  1. Rachael Adams says:

    Jeff and Fritha,

    First of all, thanks for sharing this website with me – I had no idea your family was in Brazil much less where and what was going on. That’s kind of awful…but! I want you to know since discovering this site you will be in my prayers.
    To Jeff – I can’t imagine trying to learn a new language, minister to people outside of your family, serve your wife as you are called to, love and teach your children as you should and feel anything but emotionally drained. My prayer for you is that Christ will sustain you! That he will give you a foundation that feels so secure and steadfast that you don’t become downtrodden and discouraged. I pray that His word will bolster you and that you will be comforted with peace that passes understanding.
    To Fritha – May the Lord give you the fortitude and strength that can come only from Him…I can’t imagine your position either, totally new environment coupled with such massive changes within your family, and to top that off all of the physical and emotional tight ropes you’re on. My heart goes out to you, Fritha. My prayer is simply that our sweet Lord Jesus would gather you up in His arms and hold you. Draw you near to Himself, and keep you there. I pray that He would give you the rest and restoration you need in all aspects, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
    I’m sorry..I’m feel like I said a lot more than I planned to, but it is so important to me that you feel encouraged. From what little time I’ve spent around you I know that you’re a precious family…and I’m sure the new addition is just as dear as Dani. Be of good cheer, Turner Family! The work you do is more worthy than most. God Bless You, and Merry Christmas.


    Rachael A.

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