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Happy Sunday!

Dear praying friends,

Just wanted to let you know that we are doing well. Last Thursday & Friday we made our first overnight trip with the whole family. We visited some missionary friends (Jennifer & Josiah Huber) of ours who live in a more remote area and supervise river village missions. We spent time at a beautiful cold water creek and a lovely beach both near their home. They are delightful hosts and we shared rich fellowship, deep laughs, yummy food and exciting adventures. Jeff & Josiah even went skin diving/spear fishing. Dani played and played and played and played and played and played and played in all the water and sand and sun, and loved every moment of it all. Petra slept and ate and smiled. We came home feeling content and sore from lugging babies over sand :)

This week holds a big transition for us: Mom leaves for home Friday evening at 8 pm (7 EST). She is excited to go back to her life and we are ready to dive into our life here. Friday marks Petra’s 6 week birthday and the end of Fritha’s recommended recovery period. God’s timing proves to be impeccable once again. Fritha is feeling both physically and emotionally ready to dive into the complexities of life with more manual labor, two babies, learning a new language and making Brazilian friends. Jeff is progressing well in his language studies and ready to dive in deeper. Dani will miss her Momo.

BUT, we’re going to miss my mom and she will miss us. Mom and I have already discussed giving ourselves space to fall apart a little after she departs.

So please pray for:
~protection on mom’s travel (her itinerary includes stops in 3 Brazilian cities and 2 American ones)
~for the Comforter to minister just what our hearts need
~for this week to hold all it should as we try to do last minute stuff and enjoy each other!
~for Jeff & I to have wisdom as we take some time to plan our family schedule

Thank you for caring, sharing and daring to believe with us. We love you all!

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