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Random Thoughts on a Sabbath Morning

You know how they say what you were affects how you think and act, e.g. you should dress professionally for exams and you’ll perform better than if you show up in sweats. Well, today I discovered the same is true for Sabbaths. I was trying so hard to relax and not “do” anything “productive” but I felt unsettled all the time. So I just changed out of real clothes and into lounge-y, home-only clothes and suddenly my mood is conducive to chilling!

I was looking forward to some experimental baking today… but apparently I never bought yeast, so that’s out.

Right now, Jeff is out at a youth conference in a river village with Josiah & Jennifer’s team. The team is a lot of guys and then three other guys around Jeff’s age are in town visiting so they went on the trip too. The guys are an impressive bunch of sold out men. They’ve spent a lot of time with International House of Prayer (the other IHOP). I’m believing God to really fill Jeff’s tank up on this trip and to give him something really special from His heart. Jeff has been so generously pouring himself out for me and Dani and my desire is for him to receive abundantly more than he has given (especially knowing that he will come home and keep pouring out for us in the next weeks and months).

How about some prayer requests…

For a safe delivery and arrival of Petra Elizabeth Turner in God’s perfect timing

For Dani to welcome her new role as big sister and not feel neglected as baby takes our attention (which used to be ALL Dani’s)

For Fritha: Yesterday I had a very tearful and difficult morning. The kind where I felt the clouds hovering and the tears coming, but had no idea why. Dear Betty Best prayed for me as she is so gifted at doing. All I had managed to squeak out through tears to her was a weak and pitiful, “I’m scared.” And she prayed and prayed and prayed and paused and prayed some more. She covered all sorts of things and from all angles. As she prayed I received a mental picture of a blank chalkboard which represented my view of life after the baby arrives. I just don’t know what to expect. I’ve never been a mother of two. I’ve never welcomed a new baby and recovered from birth in Santarem. I’ve never raised a family here. What does all that look like? And how the heck am I going to learn a new language too?! God revealed the root of my fear, which enabled me to give it to Him and focus on the next step. I may be overwhelmed by the thought of August and the next year, but I am not overwhelmed by walking home and eating breakfast. So I’ve been focusing on the next task, not the vast unknown future. Plus, who really knows their future anyway?

For Jeff to adjust to being at home all the time. He’s gone from working full time to NOT. Language study is something that is tedious and not evidently productive for a long time. One of the other men warned him, that he probably will go through a time of depression, because he won’t have get satisfaction and fulfillment from his “job.” I think he can already sense the truth in that warning.

Here’s what we’re up to right now… I am chilling in my hammock as I type, with a gentle breeze trying it’s best to carry away my constantly dripping sweat (have I mentioned I can’t wait to be NOT pregnant), while Dani plays nearby in her little pool, with her water toys and sings quietly to herself. Pretty perfect if you ask me!


  1. Denis and Kristi says:

    Bless you. We will continue to keep you in our prayers and we do miss you very much. Hope to see you in Brazil.

    love Dennis, Kristi and Connor

  2. Sherilyn says:

    Definitely praying for all the changes taking place and going to take place in your lives in the near future. About the only thing I can relate to is the being a mother of two….I am quite certain that you will do a terrific job!!!

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